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"Bad Influence"
Bad Influence
Single by P!nk
from the album Funhouse
"Please Don't Leave Me" (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
May 8, 2009 (Australia)
March 26, 2010 (Germany)
April 11, 2011 (The Netherlands)
Pop rock
P!nk, Billy Mann, Butch Walker, Robin Mortensen Lynch, Niklas Olovson
Machopsycho, Billy Mann
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"Please Don't Leave Me" "Funhouse"
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"Please Don't Leave Me" "Funhouse"

"Bad Influence" is the fourth single from P!nk's fifth studio album, Funhouse. This was the only single from Funhouse to not receive an official video, possibly due to the fact that it did not receive an international release.The song was one of the least successful singles due to it not being released as an international single. It was, however, somewhat successful in Australia, where it was released; Australia has proven to be one of the countries that P!nk is most successful in, as several of her songs have been released as singles in Australia only, including "Bad Influence" and "Are We All We Are".

The single was released on May 8, 2009 in Australia, however, it was not released as a single in Europe until March 2010. The track was certified Gold in Australia. It peaked at #6 on the Australian Singles Chart, as well at #56 on their Year-End chart.

Background and compositionEdit

"Bad Influence" was written by P!nk, with Billy Mann, Butch Walker, Robin Mortensen Lynch, and Niklas Olovson, while production was handled by Machopsycho and Billy Mann. It is a straight up rock chick party song that makes no apologies for wilding out with your gal pals once in a while. P!nk stated: "I’m with the Hindus on that one," the singer laughs. "Pleasure for pleasure’s sake is not a guilty sin." Anna Creeche from Blogcritics wrote that the line "I'm the instigator of underwear showing up here and there" is her favorite line from the entire album.

Critical receptionEdit

Allmusic's editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine, picked the song as one of the best of the album and wrote a very positive review, stating that "the snotty stance is second nature to her, so maybe that's why Funhouse only really clicks when P!nk abandons any pretense of mourning her relationship and just cuts loose with galumphing rhythms and schoolyard taunts, the kind that fuel 'Bad Influence' and make it instantly indelible." Joan Anderman from The Boston Globe agreed, writing: "It is a signature track, a fully cranked, reggae-flecked party tune celebrating the singer's, um, leadership skills." For Reed Fischer of Village Voice, in the song P!nk echoes Gwen Stefani. Lucy Davies from BBC Music described it as "her L.O.V.E.-style getting-on-down-with-the-girls anthem." Anna Creech from Blogcritics commented about the lyrics, stating: "P!nk is, in many ways, fearless in her lyrics. Bristling at any perceived weakness while exposing her vulnerable side, she is "keeping it real" while also maintaining a healthy sense of humor."

Writing for The A.V. Club, Andy Battaglia gave the song a negative review, commenting: "It represents the worst of the album, with a pleased-as-punch inventory of Pink's own rebelliousness and a circus-like sound that claims to have some explanation for what it means to be 'the instigator of underwear'." Spencer D. from IGN criticized the song, writing that "Tracks like 'Bad Influence' have her sounding an awful lot like late 1990's PacNorWest Alt Rock darlings Harvey Danger, at least in terms of her cadence and vocal buoyancy."


The song was chosen as the album's fourth single following its use in an Optus advertisement, promoting her Funhouse Tour. The track was also played frequently on Channel Pink on Channel V Australia, as well as becoming the theme for the Volkswagen Polo commercials in Europe.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Bad Influence" - 3:35
  2. "Please Don't Leave Me" - 3:43

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