"Crystal Ball"
Song by P!nk
from the album Funhouse
October 24, 2008
Pop rock
P!nk, Billy Mann
Billy Mann
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"Funhouse" "Mean"

"Crystal Ball" is a song from P!nk's album, Funhouse. P!nk said on her website that this song is the one she is most proud of from the album.


Recording sessionsEdit

P!nk stated that, "I am proud of the songwriting, melody, and vocals on that song. I recorded it in one take and we didn't mix it. It just went straight to master. It was all about a vibe and not about perfection or being polished. I just love that song and I loved recording it. Me and Billy got in a room and lit some candles, had some wine, and threw up a guitar mike and two vocal mikes and just went with it." P!nk explained that she frequently prefers to put onto disc the original fresh recordings without mixing them, which frustrates her song frequent collaborator Billy Mann. She explained: "I don't mix a lot of those songs. A lot of those songs on the record don't get mixed. Some of them don't even get mastered. I don't want them touched. And then he's (Billy Mann) like 'let me re-sing my part!' Absolutely not. He gets so mad at me." P!nk added that if you listen closely enough to this song, Mann is, "singing the wrong words, we're not even singing the same song. But it's so beautiful because it's an energy. It's nothing else but a raw vibe recorded." [1]


The song was mainly written about not wanting to know about the future; P!nk was interviewed about the tracks from Funhouse, and when asked about this particular song, stated, "I don't wanna know the future. That's the best part, is not knowing." [2] P!nk herself compared the song to her song "The One That Got Away" from her previous record.


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