Song by P!nk
from the album I'm Not Dead
November 12, 2007[1]
Pop rock
P!nk, Billy Mann, Christopher Rojas
Billy Mann, Chris Rojas
I'm Not Dead track listing
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"Centerfold" "U + Ur Hand" (Bimbo Jones Remix)

"Fingers" is a song by American singer-songwriter P!nk. It was included as a bonus track on the international edition of her fourth studio album, I'm Not Dead, released in 2006. It was later included on the platinum edition of the album, released in 2007.

According to various sources, it was written about P!nk filming herself masturbating. She has supposedly made reference to this. The usage of suggestive moaning throughout the song further indicate that this is the song's topic. Although many sources claim it was written by P!nk about herself, it has also been suggested that it is about a woman who is unhappy in the relationship she is in and therefore masturbates at night. This is not the only song on the album to focus on masturbation; "U + Ur Hand" also makes reference to it.

The song is the most popular bonus track from I'm Not Dead, and it is the only bonus track that P!nk has performed at a live show before. She performed it on several dates for her I'm Not Dead Tour.


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