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"I Have Seen the Rain"
Song by P!nk featuring James T. Moore
from the album I'm Not Dead
April 4, 2006
Pop rock
P!nk, Jim Moore
I'm Not Dead track listing
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"Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self"

"I Have Seen the Rain" is the fourteenth and final track from P!nk's fourth studio album, I'm Not Dead. It served as a hidden track on the album and was opened by an introduction from P!nk regarding the song's background. It was co-written with her father, Jim Moore, who wrote the majority of it. He wrote it while serving in Vietnam and the experiences he had during that time. As a child, P!nk used to accompany her father to Veterans' centers and sing it with him - it was the first song she ever learned, ever performed and is, in fact, how she learned to sing. It's a tribute to her father and to war veterans everywhere. The song received positive reviews.

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