"Long Way to Happy"
Song by P!nk
from the album I'm Not Dead
April 4, 2006
Pop rock
P!nk, Butch Walker
Butch Walker
I'm Not Dead track listing
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"Who Knew" "Nobody Knows"

"Long Way to Happy" is the third song from P!nk's album I'm Not Dead. P!nk has said that it's about betrayal, and more specifically, molestation and abuse; she has also stated that it's about being "fucked over" by someone. [1] P!nk further stated that she wrote the song as a poem when she was only 13; she had similarly done this with "Family Portrait", which had started off as a poem she wrote when she was 9 during her parents' divorce.

"Long Way to Happy" was one of five songs, along with "'Cuz I Can", "U + Ur Hand", "Who Knew", and "Nobody Knows", that leaked online in 2005, nine months prior to the album's release. [2]

I'm Not Dead was originally named Long Way to Happy after the song.

Background Edit

Butch Walker opened up about the writing process behind the song more in an interview with PopMatters:

The first time that [P!nk & I] did the vocals to 'A Long Way to Happy'—which is a song that Alecia and I did—it was written about her having to deal with being raped as a teenager by a cop, which was brutal for her. We had never even known each other before she expressed this to me, and I said, 'Well, obviously when we go into the studio it’s going to be [a] pretty emotional time, so let’s make sure the vocal goes down naturally', and sure enough she was practically in tears when she sang it, and I don’t blame her. I don’t think you have to subscribe to the mentality that you have to bring the person to pain to sing and give a good performance. You just got to let the song be the song and let it do the work. Some songs are meant to be taken lighter and some are not. She definitely let that one fly. [3]


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