While P!nk and Nate Ruess are just beginning to enjoy success with their new single, "Just Give Me a Reason", fans have already been talking about a fourth single from The Truth About Love. Several fans have claimed that P!nk's record label usually makes poor choices in the fourth single from her album...

... Therefore, overall, most of the fourth singles chosen were piano-led ballads or something like that. The Truth About Love, which is a much more fun and upbeat album, though, probably would not have a fourth single be a sad song like "Nobody Knows" or "Family Portrait" — although the album has songs like "The Great Escape" and "Beam Me Up", but neither one of them were included in the album's promotional tour, The Truth About Love Tour.

Recently, an Internet rumor surfaced claiming that "True Love", featuring Lily Rose Cooper, had been chosen as the fourth single from the album and had a planned May release, this rumor was deemed false. "True Love" would be an obvious choice, though, being that it is very upbeat, contains guest vocals, and judging by when it would probably be released, it would be a great summer smash. The only downside? Well... We don't know if P!nk would release two collaborations as singles back-to-back, and... It wasn't included in the setlist for The Truth About Love Tour.

The most popular song amongst fans that hasn't been released as a single, though, is none other than "Slut Like You", P!nk's "unsophisticated way of taking the power back". Many fans have voted for that as the next single from the album, with many claiming it would be the perfect summer smash. The only downside? Radios may be hesitant to play it due to censorship laws, and we all know how P!nk feels about censorship — she hated that "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" was censored on radio stations, and she refused to censor "U + Ur Hand" for an American Idol performance by singing "U + Ur Heart", and therefore sang "Who Knew" instead. If the fans demand it enough, though, P!nk could make an exception.

"Walk of Shame" is another fan favorite, although it is under three minutes, which really doesn't matter, but it's kind of a short radio song. Unfortunately, though, fans cannot expect this to be a single.... P!nk already confirmed that it will not be released as a single.

P!nk's favorite song from the album is none other than "How Come You're Not Here". When writing the song, she said she had a whole scenario planned out for the song where she was chasing after her lover — very similar to the music video for "Please Don't Leave Me". The only downside is it might contain too many elements of rock, although songs like "Sober" and "Trouble" achieved success with rock-influenced instrumentals.

The first single from the album was planned to be "Here Comes the Weekend", which features Eminem and would definitely satisfy the thirst of waiting Eminem fans as they anticipate his upcoming eighth studio album, planned to be released this year. After "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" was written, though, any plans of releasing "Here Comes the Weekend" as the album's first single were scrapped. While some critics have criticized the song for Eminem's seemingly pointless rap (which I loved because I love Eminem), overall, it would be a good radio hit. Unfortunately, this song was not included in the setlist for The Truth About Love Tour either, and is not very popular amongst fans.

The most popular bonus track from The Truth About Love is definitely, without a doubt, "Timebomb". The chorus features a very interesting perspective on love, with P!nk singing, "It's only love, give it away. You'll probably get it back again. It's such a silly, silly thing, throw it away like a boomerang. I wish we all could lighten up, it's only love, not a Timebomb." Again, though, not included in the setlist of The Truth About Love Tour, and bonus tracks are rarely released as singles from P!nk.

"Are We All We Are" was highly suspected to be the third single rather than "Just Give Me a Reason]]" after it received airplay in Australia — although they play pretty much every P!nk song on Australian radio. The song would be a good single choice if you're judging by where the songs are in the track listing of the album. The first single was the second track, the second single was the third track, the third single was the fourth track, so the fourth single would most likely be the first track on the album — "Are We All We Are" — or the fifth track, "True Love". Unfortunately, though, this song isn't exactly a very mainstream song, so it would not achieve a lot of success.

Overall, the most popular single choices are "True Love", "Slut Like You", and "How Come You're Not Here", and honestly... I wouldn't be surprised to see these be the final three singles from the album. Regardless, though, I'm not the one that decides what singles are released. If you want to vote for what the fourth single should be, please go to the main page and vote on the featured poll!

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