Good news to anyone who's a fan of P!nk. It sounds like the wait for new music is finally over. Maybe.

One of the moderators on P!nk's official site also has an account on the pop music forum ATRL and goes by the name "Can't_M!ss_This", a reference to P!nk's first three albums (Can't Take Me Home, M!ssundaztood, and Try This). Over the course of the past few days, he shared some very rare and exciting information with us:

We're expecting a new album soon. I can't wait. PP [her official website] is getting revamped. It's all so exciting.

After one of the other users mocked him because of the vagueness of his comment, he continued: 

I hope you have the culinary skills to cook the egg that will be on your face by the end of the month.

After further being pressed, he was more direct, stating:

Yes, something is coming by the end of the month. You'll have to wait.

He also added that, "However, things are changing closer to home." Naturally, many fans can probably interpret this as a possible indication that P!nk plans to have a second child sometime soon, although how that relates to the album remains yet to be seen. After repeatedly getting "hounded", "Can't_M!ss_This" continued:

You know what, I give up. I try to share the info and all I get is hounded. Y'all can just sit back and relate to track 3 on Try This.

After I asked him where he got his information from, he continued:

I'm a moderator on P!nk's official forum. I've been communicating with people. The most immediate change will be PP. Let's just say it's coming into 2015.

After being asked how the change would come about, being that when P!nk released I'm Not Dead back in 2007, a message was left on the website indicating the reason for the updates being made to the website, he concluded:

Details are being kept a secret. It's been so long since change was made that I feel a surprise is what everyone needs.
 So, after all that, I think it is safe to assume that we just might have a new single by the end of July. Fingers crossed this is true! This will be the first original material from P!nk since 2012's The Truth About Love, aside from her 2014 side project with Dallas Green (City & Colour), titled You+Me. The duo released a folk album titled rose ave. last year, although P!nk confirmed at the BMI Pop Awards (where she was also honored with the President's Award for her career in songwriting) that she was writing for her next album and that it would be released under the moniker P!nk as opposed to another You+Me record. Fingers crossed we get new music this year!

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